Using Process Builder to Decompose Multi-Select Picklists

Here’s my question of the day: Can I use process builder to decompose Salesforce multi-select picklists?

I understand why multi-select picklists are popular. Even with the clunky Salesforce data entry UI, they provide data entry efficiency. They also integrate nicely with GetFeedback survey responses. I want to keep that relative efficiency while getting workable reporting.

So, my idea is to use process builder to blow the multi select picklists out into a series of checkbox fields suppressed in the data entry layout so I can report on them as I wish.


Salesforce Data Visualization Ideas

The most important thing to know is what the Business Users most need to grok at a glance. For Membership, Development and Consulting its where we are in terms of revenue.

  • What’s been booked
  • What the $ goal is
  • Are we on track to reach our goal
  • What’s the pipeline health

The data visualizations should:

  • Be clear and understandable at a glance
  • Have clear criteria reflected in a good title
  • Have a clear time frame  reflected in a good title


  • Current Membership Campaign
  • Membership Campaign Performance year over year
  • Current Development Campaigns
  • Consulting Revenue and Pipeline


Salesforce allows the assignment of colors to values for picklist values only. Look to see what you can leverage here. Method used: systematic survey of key picklist field types. Note what looks promising. Then survey non-picklist fields for ideas of what you want to include in dashboards to consider pushing into picklists via workflow rules or process builder.

You may want to sketch these out to see if they might be promising before investing the time in creating custom fields and workflow rules/process builder processes.

I experimented with creating an Opportunity Year picklist field and used workflow rules to populate past year historical opportunity data. I have an ongoing Process Builder process handling opportunity data going forward. This took about 4 hours of work including running Demand Tools to Mass Impact update my Mass-Update__c field with a date to edit the records of interest in order to bulk update them. I have now transitioned over to useing Opportunity_Year__c in place of my bucket field for Membership year. My years now have consistent color assignments in dashboards.





Upgrading to Salesforce NPSP3 – Primary Affiliation

Here I am thinking about how to best leverage NSPS3’s new primary affiliation checkbox for a Salesforce instance. I believe I should start with Philanthropy Northwest’s funder accounts and batch update their staff using Demand Tools Mass Update.

I’m working on a full sandbox so if this goes all sideways, I should still be ok.

I am not using the full on household functionality, but I do have affinity groups and committees that funder members belong to as “non-primary affiliations.”